Who’s That Queen? Breaking Down the Cover of Legendary Children

Posted on October 09, 2019

Kittens! Did you forget about the glorious cover to our book? We don’t know how you could have, what with it sitting right there at the top of our page for the last month. And besides, it’s so stunning we can’t imagine anyone could go longer than a few minutes without considering its jaw-dropping beauty. But that’s just us.

No, really. That’s just us. It’s our baby and we look lovingly upon it like any new parent would, assuming that the rest of the world thinks our baby is as amazing as we do. Well it is, dammit.

Anyway, ever since we posted the cover we promised we would name all of the people on it, for those who might not recognize all of them. When our publisher asked us which figures we wanted represented on the cover, it didn’t take us long to come up with this grouping. Every single one of these people has their stories told in our book, as well as an explanation of how we feel they have defined both LGBTQ culture and mainstream culture over the last century. They are legends because of their charisma, their uniqueness, their nerve, and their talent — and there ghosts wander the backgrounds of every episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race and inspire queer life to this day. From the top, left to right:









Gladys Bentley





RuPaul (of course)





Marsha P. Johnson





Leigh Bowery



Crystal LaBeija



To find out more about their lives and their work – and how both have inspired generations of queer people and defined our collective culture, BY ALL MEANS, please pre-order our book which, like Clarissa, explains it all for you.

Gag on these fabulous kings and queens of queerness, kittens! Part two is HERE.

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