“Riverdale” Star Madelaine Petsch for Seventeen Magazine

Posted on October 04, 2019

Madelaine Petsch, the 25 year old actress who stars in “Riverdale” as Cheryl Blossom is the latest Seventeen digital cover. Madelaine opens up to Seventeen about her role on “Riverdale,” redefining herself in real life and everything in between!






On the death of Luke Perry: “Luke was my oracle throughout Riverdale,” she says. “He was on 90210 and had done all this work, so anytime I had any questions, he opened his door to me. He was such a kind and loving soul, and he was so generous. He was the kind of actor that gave you everything when he worked with you.”

On how her co-stars have empowered her: “When I first moved to LA, I thought I always had to have makeup on and look perfect, because what if I ran into a casting director in the grocery store,” she says. “Now, I‘m around so many empowering women. We remind each other to be funny and embrace who we are. I don’t feel any pressure about being perfect on social media anymore. I’m showing my true self all the time. I’m just being me.”

On her vlog and letting her fans in on who she really is: “I want them to know that I’m weird and funny and I love people. If they still have bad assumptions, then that’s on them, not on me.”

On how her role on Riverdale encouraged her to embrace her red hair: “I think Cheryl has helped me really love my red hair. Finally, my hair and I have a great relationship,” she says. “And when fans tell me they’re being bullied, I remind them that the things they’re being bullied for now are the things that make them unique. When you get older, those things are going to make you stand out.”

On how her role on Riverdale helped her get some closure on the bullying she experienced when she was younger: “I’ve learned the mindset of the people who bullied me very well because Cheryl’s been a bully on the show. I’ve learned that the people who’ve made the most fun of me as a kid probably had their own sh*t that they were going through. And so they were taking it out on other people. And that breaks my heart.”


[Photo Credit: Daniel Matallana/Seveteen Magazine]

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