“After the Wedding” Star Julianne Moore for ES Magazine

Posted on October 31, 2019

With almost 100 big screen roles under her name and four more to come this year, Julianne Moore exclusively talks to ES Magazine about the #MeToo movement, her 16-year marriage in the Hollywood eye, and her views on Boris Johnson.



On the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements: “[They have been] the biggest seismic change that we have ever had, just because it made people realize how much disparity there was in our business, I don’t know if there’s really been a shift. There’s been a door that’s opened, but things don’t change unless you make the effort. If you’re somebody who thinks, ‘I’m going to go out of my way to hire 50 per cent women”, then it’ll happen, but it doesn’t just happen accidentally. I’m only at this point just beginning to create my own material.'”

On the political landscape in the UK: “I’m very excited. I think people have f***ing had it. Look what’s happening with Boris Johnson right now. In the UK, you’re like, ‘All right, this has gone far enough now. Theresa May was one thing, but this clown Boris Johnson is another.’ People are not standing for it. And that is happening here now too.”

On describing women as ‘of a certain age’: “This is one of my pet peeves. It’s as if you are saying that her age is so terrible that you don’t want to mention it. You wouldn’t say ‘a man of a certain age.’ Obfuscating your age or skirting around it, or trying to be delicate about it, that’s what makes me crazy. It’s not so horrible to be in your 50s — it’s not horrible at all. It’s simply part of life.”

On the importance of showing how women can balance demanding careers with family life, including through her role as Theresa in upcoming film After the Wedding: “Theresa’s someone I’ve seen a lot in real life. I’ve seen women who have built big lives for themselves — they have big careers, and they have families too. But I don’t feel like that representation is out there. If you see a successful woman in a movie, she never has a family. Why do we continue to perpetrate that mythology that it’s not possible? That somehow if you’ve managed to become the boss you can’t have any kids too? Or you can’t have a marriage that’s valuable?”

On being in a long-term relationship in Hollywood: “I haven’t found it difficult. I think for anybody in any industry who travels a lot, there’s a danger — if you don’t spend time together, you’re going to be in trouble. Because we always had children we stayed together a lot as a family. But if you go away for a year to make a movie, your relationship’s not going to survive.”


The full interview appears in this week’s issue of ES Magazine, out Thursday 31st October 2019.


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