Toronto International Film Festival: Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne at “The Aeronauts” Premiere

Posted on September 10, 2019

It’s so easy to read whatever you want into a celebrity facial expression, but we had to laugh at these shots. Miss Felicity’s been on the poledance tour with Eddie before and we can’t help thinking she’s got one thought on her mind here:




“Shit. I forgot what a dandy he is.” Girl, you best bring your A+ Game when Leanin’ Eddie’s in town.



Which isn’t to say she slacked off in her efforts here. A sparkly Valentino gown is nothing to sneeze at (whatever that means). It’s just that he is SO GOOD at yanking the spotlight onto himself while looking like he’s not trying to. We often call out celebrity women for having that skill -especially when it comes to the use of fashion – but Eddie plays that game as well as any Blanchett, Hathaway or Nyong’o. He’s not necessarily as fashion-forward as Chalamet or Boseman can be, but he definitely has a starlet-like approach to dressing definitively, in a manner that sucks all the energy in the room toward him. A houndstooth suit with a skinny tie isn’t the most revolutionary menswear look in the world, but he can work it in such a way that it’s impossible to ignore.

Her dress is by no means terrible, but the rather undefined waist gives the impression she’s wearing something a size or two too large for her.





Style Credits:
Felicity Jones: Valentino Dress | Cartier Jewelry | Aquazzura Shoes
Styled by Nicky Yates | Hair by Mara Roszak | Makeup by Katey Denno

Eddie Redmayne: Alexander McQueen Ensemble from the Fall 2019 Collection

[Photo Credit: imageSPACE/Media Punch/]

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