Red Carpet Rundown: The 2019 Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Posted on September 16, 2019


The stars and the drag queens came out for the first night of the Creative Arts Emmys, which used to be a thing no one attended but in recent years has become much more of a red carpet-focused event. In other words: more for all of us to judge! Hooray! Hooray, we say!

Let’s get to it.


Angela Bassett in Ingie Paris

Are we wrong to think the black lining is a bit distracting? Aside from that, we have no issues. You can’d go wrong with Angela Bassett, Angela Bassett’s hair, and a gold sequined gown.



Billy Eichner

Off-duty priest.



Brooke Lynn Heights and Nina West

There were never such devoted sisters. Nina’s drag race-themed ensemble is fun, but we’re afraid we don’t get what the orange spiral thing is supposed to be. Is that like a Hot Wheels track or something?



Derek Hough

Semi-formal off-duty priest.

Seriously, guys. What with the dingy-looking black ensembles? And how old are those shoes, mister?



Diane Guerrero J. Mendel

She looks like she’s afraid to move in this thing. The design of that bodice and the sort-of sleeves look awfully restricting. And that textile doesn’t photograph well.



Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown

There was a time when we would’ve dinged JVN for the lack of polish in his presentation, but we’ve come to a better understanding of non-binary and genderqueer presentation styles and we think applying traditionally feminine expectations of presentation just because someone’s wearing a dress isn’t necessarily the right or most respectful way to go. Having said that, the footwear is terrible no matter what criteria you’re applying. Bobby looks fine, Tan absolutely slays all his co-stars on the style front, Antoni is a human yawn as always and Karamo looks pretentious, as always.



Kim Kardashian

No matter what she’s wearing, she always manages to look like she’s stepping out of the shower. It’s kind of a gift. This dress is awful.



Leah Remini

Is there a higher number of ugly textiles on this red carpet or is it just us?



Lisa Kudrow

Fancy realtor.



Marie Kondo

It’s unsurprising that she’d pick something clean and minimalist. The fit could be a bit better. It hangs on her like a hospital gown.




Ru likes his wild and colorful suits, but he rarely femmes them up for public events like this. This looks great on him and it’s fun to see him loosening up on the boydrag a little.




Can’t really argue with any of that. That’s an unusually high level of polish for a drag queen on the red carpet.



Wanda Sykes

Fancy realtor’s biggest competition.





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