2019 GQ Men of the Year Awards Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on September 04, 2019

Kittens the MEN OF THE YEAR (British edition) came out to be feted and the celebrity lady folk came out to support them, all of which leaves us with plenty of opportunities to be judgmental. Shall we, then?



Adwoa Aboah in Tom Ford

The dress is fairly simple, but the color is absolutely gorgeous on her and the earrings are perfect.




Charli XCX in Alessandra Rich

We could get behind the witchy vibe of this look, but the bow and the silver sandals kind of ruin the effect.




David Beckham, Victoria Beckham (in Victoria Beckham) and Brooklyn Beckham

The family that suits together … something something. They look fine. We realize the slouchiness of her suit is a choice, but next to the well-fitted men’s suits, it comes off oversized.



James Middleton

When all else fails, put a dog in a kilt and bring it along with you. Can’t say it didn’t work.



Kylie Minogue in Ralph&Russo Couture

Very pretty and elegant, but we don’t love the draped hem.



Naomi Campbell in Dior Homme

Love everything going on here except for whatever that thing is hanging down from inside her lab coat. Also: are we wrong or is her lip contouring a bit weird? She looks like she just finished an ice cream cone.



Sir Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell (in Dolce&Gabbana)

An impeccably fitted 3-piece suit with the perfect accompaniments in tie and pocket square. We would expect no less from the good Captain.



Richard Madden in Boss

Swooning over that swoop. Never has a patch of gray done so much to elevate an already good-looking man to gorgeousness.




Rita Ora in Agent Provocateur and Maticevski

We want to “Oh honey, please” this, but to be fair, this event has a fairly longstanding unspoken request that the ladyfolk show up looking hot. It’s not as strict across the board as it once was, but she’s not exactly dressed in appropriately. Just tackily.



Sam Smith in Boss

The lace and the heels (which he is clearly very keen to show off) are admirable attempts to queer up a basic tuxedo. We like the idea more than the actual results, though.



Sebastian Stan in Boss

We would imagine the pants and jacket match better under more optimal lighting conditions, but it’s hellaciously distracting to see them just half a shade off from each other. Not really his fault. He could’ve shaved, though.



Taron Egerton in Burberry

Mr. Egerton is feeling the shit out of himself right now and we can’t say we blame him.





[Photo Credit: Doug Peters/Pa Images/Instarimages.com, Matt Crossick/Pa Images/Instarimages.com]

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