RuPaul Chats with Judge Judy for Interview’s September Issue

Posted on August 20, 2019

RuPaul covers the September 2019 issue of Interview magazine photographed by Ethan James Green and styled by Mel Ottenberg.




On his career and achievements: “As I’ve gotten to this stage in my life, I think being able to understand how fortunate you are is a great gift. I feel fantastic. I have my health. I have a good outlook. There have been some great achievements in my career and some really low lows, so I’m not afraid of them. I know that I have an ability to create magic because I have my health and I have an equilibrium.”

On the influence of drag: “Drag reminds people that all artifice is temporary—that all structures are just temporary, and the only thing that stays real is the energy.”

On drag becoming mainstream: “The drag that’s become popular with young people around the world is the surface part of the experience, like, ‘Oh, pretty makeup. I like her outfit.’ So I don’t think drag itself has become mainstream. The superficial part of it has, but the deeper message, which is that we are all extensions of the power that created the universe, is the part that’s not there yet.”


Style Credits:
Cover: Dress by ZALDY | Faux Fur Coat by ADRIENNE LANDAU BY SAULO VILLELA | Earrings from EYE CANDY | Vintage Bracelet from NEW YORK VINTAGE | Ring from NEIL LANE COUTURE | Vintage Gloves from PALACE COSTUME | Tights STYLIST’S OWN | Shoes RUPAUL’S OWN
First Image: Catsuit and Belt by ZALDY | Vintage Earrings by NETTIE ROSENSTEIN from KENTSHIRE | Gloves by GASPAR GLOVES | Shoes by PLEASER
Second Image: Bodysuit by LIVE THE PROCESS | Vintage Earrings by LARRY VRBA from KENTSHIRE | Vintage Ring from PALACE COSTUME | Chokers (worn as anklets) by AREA

Hair and Wigs: Curtis William Foreman
Makeup: David Petruschin aka Raven

[Photo Credit: Ethan James Green/Interview Magazine]

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