The “Queen & Slim” Official Trailer and Poster Dropped and We Have Opinions

Posted on August 01, 2019

HOLY COW, this looks amazing:








And by that we mean it both looks like an amazing film and it simply LOOKS amazing:


The references to Bonnie and Clyde and allusions to Thelma & Louise strike us as extremely appropriate. Just as Arthur Penn’s 1967 film about two glamorous criminals on the run tapped into late ’60s fears about the burgeoning youth movement, just as Ridley Scott’s 1991 film about two fed-up women criminals reflected increasingly popular rhetoric regarding the setbacks and failures of second-wave feminism, this film feels completely, utterly Of The Moment. The kind of film people need right now, regardless of where they sit on the question of anti-black police violence, the Black Lives Matter movement, or any of the other issues raised by a story like this. Better yet, this doesn’t remotely look like an easy film to sit through, despite the haunting beauty of the images. That’s as it should be. We look forward to being uncomfortable and enthralled all the way through this one. With a script by Lena Waithe and a cast like this, we don’t see how it can be anything but excellent.

Queen & Slim will be in theaters November 27. Can’t wait.


[Photo Credit: Universal Pictures – Video Credit: Universal Pictures via]

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