Margot Robbie in Dôen at the “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” London Photocall

Posted on August 01, 2019

We, being the absolute masters of timing that we are, have chosen the worst possible moment to make a point about Miss Margot’s promotional ensembles for this tour. They’re unusually dull. Case in point:





But the timing is off for this observation because a rooftop photo call is not a time or place for eye-popping fashion – not normally, anyway. This is a perfectly acceptable, breezily casual chic sort of day look, even if we’re not in love with all the off-whites or the Daisy Duck pumps, and think the tuck on that blouse is a horror. Her hair and makeup look fabulous, however, and the earrings are gorgeous. Quibbles and bitches aside, this is fine enough for where she is.

But it seems like so much of her promotional looks for this tour have been simple, nearly generic styles, largely color-free. The gown for the London premiere was boldly colored, but simple in design. Aside from one or two allusions to Sharon Tate in her choices, that’s largely been the through-line for this tour: simple and colorless. We suspect these choices might allude to her most prominent costume in the film, which is the same one on the movie posters behind her at most premieres. These style choices collectively give her a sort of ethereal quality, which is very much in line with how the film portrays Sharon Tate. This is undoubtedly a more nuanced way of promoting the film through fashion than simply putting her in Tate cosplay the whole time, but we sure do miss seeing her in bold, eye-popping fashion or high glamour looks. We get the whole California Blonde/Ghost Girl thing behind her style choices, but we miss the sparkle.



Style Credits:
Dôen ‘Jane’ Blouse and ‘Maritime’ Jeans from the Fall 2016 Collection

Styled by Kate Young | Hair by Bryce Scarlett | Makeup by Pati Dubroff | Nails by Naima Coleman

[Photo Credit: INSTARimages,]

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