The “Little Women” Trailer Dropped and We Have Opinions

Posted on August 13, 2019

GUUUUURRRRRL, you better brace yourself for this one. You’ve got Greta Gerwig. You’ve got Saoirse Ronan. You’ve got The Chalamet, The Dern AND The Streep. It’s a LOT. Center yourself before proceeding.




First thought: Oh god, our awards season coverage just got established. It’s gonna be all Saoirse, Chalamet, Dern and Streep from November to March, kittens. Buckle up. Second thought: this looks amazing. The casting is ridiculously on point and we’re salivating at the chance to see some of these actors go up against each other for the first time. Greta Gerwig is clearly bringing a modern and very woman-centered approach to the piece (not that it wasn’t always woman-centered, of course), which could not be more perfect for it – and for the times. Third thought, this literally looks amazing:


The costume design, art direction and cinematography look superb. It’s interesting to note how period costume design has changed slightly in the modern era, thanks to digital moviemaking technology. We mentioned this before when the trailer for Mary Poppins Returns came out and we see the same sort of thing here. Check out the work on Emma’s gown:


That neckline alone is more intricate, with more hand work than most period costumes in total, prior to digital tech. High definition filmmaking means that costume designers (in this instance, Jacqueline Durand, who knows more than a thing or two about period costume design) need to fill the screen with more details than ever before. It also gives them the opportunity to go more expressive and intricate than ever before. The result: screen costumes utilizing couture techniques and detailing. We’re not suggesting these costumes are inaccurate in any way. After all, fine dresses and gowns for 19th Century women were usually hand made by highly adept craftsmen and women, in the manner of modern couture. But scroll back up and note how much Durand makes use of not just detailing, but texture and print and fine gradations of color, knowing all of it will be picked up by the camera.




[Photo Credit: Wilson Webb/CTMG/EPK.TV – Video Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment via]

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