Friday Leftovers for the Week of August 25th, 2019

Posted on August 30, 2019

Darlings, after an epic red carpet drought this summer, things are actually looking up! This is the richest, most well-populated string of mediocrities we’ve hosted in WEEKS! Quick! Put yer judgin’ pants on!



Adam Driver

No complaints here.



Alison Brie

This is a welcome step in the right style direction for her. Perhaps a bit more twee than we’d like, and still with a rigidly consistent need to show as much of her chest as possible, but it’s at least a cute look with a little sass to it, which is more than you can say about a lot of her tacky cocktail napkin-sized dresses of late.



Bil Hader

Dull but serviceable.



Billie Piper in Erdem

We could have accepted either the bow or the lace hem, but never both at the same time. Oh, who are we kidding? We’d never sign off ont hat hem.



Brad Pitt

Also no complaints. Look, what do you want us to say? He’s a movie star in a tux. He looks like that. Kinda hard to get any of it wrong.




Catherine Deneuve in Jean Paul Gaultier Couture

It’s crazy but we love it.



Gabrielle Union in RXCH

Far be it for us to tell a lady how to express her love, but wearing your husband’s face all over your dress for a professional event is just … well, it’s a choice, is what it is.



Idina Menzel

Plaid pantsuits can be tricky. They can so easily go “middle school teacher 1978,” which is kind of what’s happening here.




Joey King in Emilia Wickstead

It’s a crop top-and-big-pant kind of week, which means she’s very much on trend. It’s also surprisingly cute on her.




Julianne Hough in Julien Macdonald





Juliette Binoche in Armani Privé

Yuck to the wet head. The dress is interesting but it’s awfully busty.



Kate Upton in Pleasedontbuy by Twinset

Simple but flawless.




Kristen Bell

Miss Kristen packed some extra looks for the D23 Expo! The first one’s just okay, but we’re actually surprised by how much we like the pink one. Yes, even the big satin pants.



Mel B in Manila Grace

It’s just okay. We expect a certain level of glitz and tacky from her, but a sequined leopard print feels like she’s not even trying.




Mena Suvari in Amur

Again, we can’t believe we’re praising something so shiny and satin, but it’s so dramatic and well-suited to her



Nicholas Hoult

Well, at least we can complain about the grooming, which is terrible. Tsk, pretty boy. Tsk.



Michelle Pfeiffer

Everything’s just a skosh too long, which is a shame, because it’s flawless otherwise.



Sophia Lillis in Prada

Cute idea, but the neckline and waistline in combination are kind of terrible from a proportional perspective.





[Photo Credit:, The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA, Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment]

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