Pop Style Opinionfest: High Drama at High Summer

Posted on July 26, 2019

Darlings, we flipped on the mics this morning and engaged in that grand old T Lo tradition of spewing our opinions on the state of television. Or at least, the corners of it that we’re watching.

First, we couldn’t keep our mouths shut about the Big Little Lies finale. Yes, we wrote a review, but we’re so mouthy, one thousand-word essay isn’t nearly enough space to record all our opinions. We run down all the reasons we think the season failed, all the plots that went nowhere or added nothing, and the really strange-in-retrospect way women of color were portrayed.

After that Lorenzo goes ALL IN on HBO’s Years & Years:


But that doesn’t mean you’ll leave wanting to watch it. He goes into all the reasons why he loved it, but also why it was hellish for him to watch. Tom tapped out after one episode spiked his anxiety. We’re just saying.

And in happier, nerdier news, Tom FREAKED THE F OUT over the Star Trek: Picard trailer that dropped last weekend:





Is there a long portion in there where he goes on and on about how Kathryn Janeway is one of the all-time greats or how Jeri Ryan gave one of the best performances in Star Trek history? Oh, honey. What do you think? As the promo says, strap yourselves in … for HARDCORE NERDITRY. Hugh of the Borg, bitches! We’re deep-diving here!






Thank you once again for listening to us prattle on ceaselessly in our horrifying voices.


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[Photo Credit: Robert Ludovic/HBO, Merie W. Wallace/HBO, CBS – Video Credit: CBS All Access via YouTube.com, HBO via YouTube.com]


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