Pop Style Opinionfest: Duchesses and DadBods

Posted on July 12, 2019

Kittens! We left you bereft of our opinions and cartoon voices last week, but we came roaring back this time, full of coffee and things to say. First, we return to the world of FX’s Pose, which has taunted and vexed us all season. We’ve chatted about it a couple of times for the podcast, but this week’s episode was not only a special one, it was an episode that helped us encapsulate all of our feelings on how the show should be approached, what should be forgiven, and why it’s such and important development in the mainstreaming of queer culture. In short, we cried a LOT, even as we sat there noting some of the more questionable creative choices.

Then we yelled at everyone for saying Jason Momoa had a DadBod. We followed that up by yelling at everyone who yelled at everyone for saying he did. We’re all over the map on this pressing social issue, but the upshot is people need to calm the hell down about everything.

Which brings us to our final point of discussion: on Meghan “Violating Protocal” Markle, and how the latest string of royal “scandals” being attached to her are not only out of proportion to the point of being ridiculous, but speak of a whole bunch of underlying social and political issues swirling around her, from Brexit to the Jeffrey Epstein case. But cheer up, Megs! Turns out, you’re part of a little tradition in the British press known colloquially as “Let’s Fuck with the Spare and Their Spouse As Much as Possible.”



Yes, we really went there, darlings. A rollercoaster ride of opinions and recriminations, all laid out by two silly queens sipping their morning beverages. Thank you once again for listening!


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