“Stranger Things” Star Dacre Montgomery for Mr Porter’s “The Journal” Style Guide

Posted on June 13, 2019

Mr Porter‘s weekly style guide “The Journal” features “Stranger Things” actor Dacre Montgomery photographed by John Balsom and styled by Dan May.




When asked to submit a video audition for the second season of Stranger Things: “It came up on a Thursday morning, and by Thursday evening I’d produced this whole little short film.”

On why he is so good at playing a bad character: “I guess there’s a facet of that in all of us… I’m just channelling it. I feel like it’s so far away from me as a person. What I’ve endeavoured to do is take a group of the maniacal incidents or characters that have made themselves present in my life and combine them into a character, and tried to make it as real as possible.”

His thoughts on the next season of Stranger Things: “…The stakes are so much higher, and I feel like the viewers, the people who’ve fallen in love with the show, are going to get everything they wanted out of it. They’re increasing the storyline, exploding the narrative, really picking apart every character, and that’s what I’m excited about.”

Why he is happy with his character Billy’s development in the upcoming series: “In the previous season, [Billy] was more of a bully, but now he’s really raw and evil… There’s the beginning of an exploration of a real antagonist… Oh, mate, I’m over the moon. This season is the pinnacle of my own creative process, of what I was allowed to do, what I was given the chance to do… Without bullshitting you, I couldn’t have asked for more.”



[Photo Credit: John Balsom/Mr Porter]

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