“Parks and Recreation” and “Legion” Star Aubrey Plaza for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Posted on June 04, 2019

Aubrey Plaza covers the July 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine photographed by Peggy Sirota.




On advice from co-star Chris Pratt: “Chris Pratt used to tell me when he would give me advice: ‘The separation is the preparation.’ He’s one of those kinds of people who’s always very prepared. I was kind of the opposite. Clearly, it worked out for him.”

On her visceral aversion to being boring: “I’d say I have a pretty high tolerance for public humiliation. I kind of get off on it or something. It’s like this sick thing that makes me feel more alive and connected to the world.”

On bombing on-stage: “Its’ exhilarating, because you just have to work through your ego in a way that you don’t get to do so often. You really have to take a moment with yourself to just get over it.”

On the recent 10-year anniversary celebration of Parks and Recreation in L.A.: “When we walked in, it was like we were rock stars or something. And it’s just so funny when we were on the air, we were always being told that we were going to get cancelled. Our ratings weren’t that good.”

On the bittersweet reunion: “It was kind of freaky. Like, it was really fun and we all love each other so much, but it’s just that feeling that you can never re-create something that was so perfect. So it always feels like a little bit of a letdown or something. It was a very dreamlike experience. We were all kind of touching each other and looking at each other, but it was all so far gone from that thing.”

On producing her own projects since the finale of Parks and Recreation: “Once I produced something and realized how much of an impact I can have, I could never go back. Now I’m, like, f*cked, because I’ve always gravitated toward more of a leadership position in whatever I’m doing. For Child’s Play, I wasn’t a producer, but I was acting like it – watching the monitor when other people were doing their scenes when I should have been in my trailer relaxing or something.”

On the next step in her career: “I’m entering a space right now where it’s like I’m so used to relying on this patriarchal idea of waiting around for someone to say, ‘You’ – some brilliant man. I still have that voice inside my head that wants that. But it’s like, I’m 34. I can do it myself. All the people who are my heroes created their own things. I’m ready to do that. I’m sick of doing other people’s shit. I want to do my own shit.”



[Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota/Cosmopolitan Magazine]

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