“The Loudest Voice” Star Naomi Watts for Harper’s Bazaar Australia Magazine

Posted on June 25, 2019

“The Loudest Voice” star Naomi Watts covers the August 2019 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia Magazine photographed by Darren McDonald and styled by fashion director Naomi Smith.



On why it too so long to find work as an actress: “Coming from England, we were taught to self-deprecate: ‘No, sorry, I don’t need anything, I’m terrible.’ I literally hovered around Los Angeles trying to get a job and walked in with my head down and not able to own the room for 10 years, which is why I was unhireable, probably. It took a master like David Lynch to go, I see something in there that she has; she just doesn’t know she has it.”

On her struggles with confidence: “I’m not one hundred per cent comfortable in my skin. I grapple with it like anybody else does. But I definitely feel that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve figured out [what works]. […] It doesn’t mean to say, even with lots of practice, that I’ll go, Oh yeah, I’ve got this! I can throw my fists in the air! I’ll feel like I’ve got a handle on things and then the next day be like, Arghh! I can’t cope!”

The August issue of Harper’s Bazaar is on sale Monday July 1.


Style Credits:
Cover: Marc Jacobs Feather Dress from the Fall 2019 Collection

Hair: Conrad Dornan
Makeup: Mary Wiles
Nails: Gina Eppolito

[Photo Credit: Darren McDonald/Harper’s Bazaar Australia Magazine, marcjacobs.com]

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