“Wig” Tribeca Screening Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on May 06, 2019

Who’s up for some big draggy energy this Monday? Tribeca hosted the premiere of the new Wigstock documentary set to air on HBO next month and your favorite queens came out to soak up some attention, none more so than that big queen Neil Patrick Harris.



Alaska Thunderfuck

Why Miss Alaska. This is downright tasteful. Drag-tasteful that is, which isn’t the same thing as, say… Vogue cover tasteful or first-date tasteful or job-interview tasteful. The dress is cute, actually. The hair ornaments – big and flamboyant as they are (and should be) – coordinate really well. And for the most part, her makeup is just right; hitting the sweet spot between conventional beauty makeup and drag makeup. A lot of queens don’t get that part right.



Lady Bunny

Well, she certainly looks comfy. She’s been doing this job for three-quarters of a century now, so if Auntie Bunny doesn’t want to show off her legs anymore, she’s earned the right. We love a good caftan queen, but this comes a little too close to priest’s vestments.



Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka


Look, we know NPH played Hedwig on Broadway. We know he produced the Wigstock festival and this documentary. We’re not casting aspersions on the man’s big gay bona fides, but mister? This is NOT your look. We could absolutely get behind this whole ensemble (with the exception of the sock garters) on the right wearer, but it doesn’t suit his looks or his personality. And given that he absolutely never dresses this way, it just comes off as cosplay. Which is fine. It’s a drag queen documentary. But we’d honestly have rather seen him in full drag if he wanted to get all queeny about it. David’s look is okay, but the boots have doorknockers and he can’t work eyeliner any better than his husband.




Completely in love with this look. It’s draggy, stylish, and adorable at the same time. From the neck down, she’s serving full-on mainstream ingenue fashion – and that’s not something we’d normally praise this much. We want to see our queens look draggy at the same time they look fabulous on a red carpet. What makes this work so well is, first: that it’s suited to her so well. Second, that the neon color story and accessories bump up the energy considerably. And finally, her head styling which is fun, cute and as gay as a tree full of pink parrots.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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