“Big Little Lies” Star Nicole Kidman at “Good Morning America”

Posted on May 30, 2019

They didn’t just all show up on the premiere red carpet looking hellaciously uncoordinated last night, kittens. No, the entire team of Big Little Lies gals have been out doing a publicity blitz. Kudos to the PR team for having the good sense to split this team of MVPs up and send them all out on different jaunts. Why put all your promo eggs in one basket when most of them are highly adept at self-promotion? This is like when the Avengers encounter a problem and then split up to tackle it from different angles. Except with fashion instead of superpowers and talk show hosts instead of supervillains. Otherwise, total same.



Yeah, no. That doesn’t work at all. The tailored, checked jacket, heavy belt and sandals all look completely wrong for that nightgown of a dress. What an oddly put-together look, coming from someone who’s always been world-class about having a fully realized, perfectly coordinated ensemble.

Maybe we’re imagining it, but we’d swear her body language is telling us she hates all of this just as much as we do.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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