James Marsden, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini at Netflix’s “Dead To Me” Premiere

Posted on May 06, 2019

If you listened to our podcast of last week, you heard Lorenzo positively gushing over this show. If you’ve been binge-watching it, here’s your spot to talk about it.


After we get done judging their outfits, that is.



James Marsden in Paul Smith

This bitch.

Said out of love, of course. And when we say “love,” we mean “seething jealousy that this fucker never ages.” Still, he looks fantastic. Personally, we’d have rather he unbuttoned the shirt at the top. There’s enough preciousness going on here with the pale blue suit, blue shoes, and blue floral shirt. Let the look breathe a little. Still doing the watch-modeling thing, we see.



Christina Applegate in Rhea Costa

Hmph. We love her and we can’t say that this is wrong in any way, but it sure isn’t doing her any favors. The style feels stale/ill-suited to her and the lack of color doesn’t help her to stand out in pictures. The gold accents are nice, though. The hair comes off a little underdone.



Linda Cardellini in Longchamp

Credit to her: She wasn’t going to come to this one quietly. She chose a loud, bold look that’s full of personality. Unforch, we hate it. The shape of the dress, with its loose sleeves and stiff A-line, doesn’t seem to suit her. The neckline is way too deep and the choker collar way too thick. Basically, all the proportions are off. And the textile is kind of ugly to our eyes. We think the hair is really cute, but doesn’t go with the dress.


Style Credits:
James Marsden: Paul Smith Suit and Shirt | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Styled by Ilaria Urbinati | Grooming by David Stanwell

Christina Applegate: Rhea Costa Signature Crepe Wrapped Dress Accessorized with Metallic Belt

Linda Cardellini: Longchamp Dress from the Spring 219 Collection
Styled by Annabelle Harron | Hair by David Stanwell | Makeup by Hinako

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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