The “Downton Abbey” Movie Trailer is Here, Promising Fans the Super-Downton Immersive Experience

Posted on May 21, 2019

Darlings, take a sip of tea and clear your throats. You’re going to be squeeing soon and we don’t want you to strain yourselves. Since you’re barely scanning these words as it is, there’s no point in delaying the news:





We find ourselves COMPLETELY taken over with Downton fever once again, to our minor surprise. Oh sure, we were looking forward to this. We reviewed every episode of the series, after all. But we weren’t prepared for how lush, how gorgeous, how elegant af everything is when you throw more money at it. Not to be crass, but you can practically smell the heightened budget through the screen. And really, there’s no point to doing a Downton Abbey movie unless you plan on turning the dials up to eleventeen and letting it rip. More gowns! More jewels! More vintage cars! More china! More stemware! More servant uniforms! More gay-butlering! More intrigue! More bobbed hair! THE GODDAMN KING AND QUEEN, ALRIGHT? You happy now, Downton-philes? Because you are going to get your faces blasted off with the full force of Julian Fellowes’ lifelong love of the dying days of the classic aristocratic lifestyle. This one’s gonna be Gosford Park on steroids – and we are LIVING. FOR. IT.

Soak up the screenshots. Gaze lovingly at the costume design. We know that’s what we’ll be spending the rest of the morning doing. We are SO UP FOR THIS.



[Photo Credit: Focus Features – Video Credit: Focus Features via]

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