“Rocketman” Star Bryce Dallas Howard at SiriusXM

Posted on May 29, 2019

Okay, so here’s how this one’s gonna go. We’re opening this one up to suggestions for three reasons. First, because we feel like we’re always a little mean to her. Second, because we think – and she has indicated as much – that she casts a bit of a disdainful eye toward the world of fashion. And third, because quite often, she wears things that we figure a lot of our readers would likely wear themselves. But to us, that’s a big part of the problem. It’s not just that she picks styles that are either ill-suited to her or outright unflattering on her; she also tends toward styles that look way more appropriate if you’re giving a presentation at a seminar or attending some sort of business luncheon. To wit:


There’s so much wrong here to our eyes but it’s frustrating because that dress, on its own, is a perfectly good dress. It’s just not all that great on her because the waist sits several inches too high and the neck bow adds a fussiness that she doesn’t need. Almost as important: it really does not speak of a movie actress doing promotional work. We realize this is a radio appearance, but if she really wanted to go casual or easy, a pair of jeans and a lightweight sweater would have been perfectly appropriate and given her a much fresher appearance. This is just so stuffy and dowdy for the kind of work she’s doing.

But here’s where all y’all come in. Miss Bryce CLEARLY prefers a low-key, real-world style. Since our forte is HIGH key, total fantasy style, we think some of you guys would be better at advising her (in an imaginary sense) on her style choices than we would be. What way should a woman who wants to keep things low-key, demure, and off the high-fashion track go when she needs to dress up for promo work? Pantsuits? Caftans? Daydresses with sneakers? If Bryce was your bestie and she said she needed fashion help, what would you tell her?



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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