Paul Rudd, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth at the “Avengers: Endgame” London Fan Event and Photocall

Posted on April 11, 2019

Half the Avengers are out there doing the damn work. And while we’re happy to see Paul, Scarlett and The Hemsworth out, they better start letting Chris Evans out of his pen soon. We’re getting antsy here.



They all look like they got dressed in the car ride over.



Paul Rudd in Etro

Fantastic suit. Love the colors, love the shoes, hate the white shirt with it. Also, it looks like it all might be just a bit too snug on him. Also-also: he needs to shave.



Scarlett Johansson in Tom Ford

Sweetie, no.

This is what happens whenever the pantsuit becomes trendy: womenswear designers start falling all over themselves trying to come up with some twist on the form and the results get increasingly absurd. Meanwhile, men have been forced into the same suit style for the past hundred years, with only minor variations over time. Examine that, fashion world.




Chris Hemsworth in Etro

Another pretty great suit, but we really don’t like the attempts at pattern mixing. This isn’t the right kind of suit for it and the patterns all feel haphazard. The effect makes him look sloppy.



Strangely, they all went much more conservative for the photo call. Not that we’re complaining; just that we’re wondering about the thinking behind it. Dress wacky for the fans and soberly for the press? We guess so.



Paul Rudd

It’s weird. We can’t suss out any details that would indicate that this doesn’t fit him, but the way he’s wearing it sure gives that impression.



Scarlett Johansson in Michael Kors Collection

We’re not convinced the booties were the right way to go here, but we love the dress. It feels a little off from her normal preferences, though. She’s not one for florals or tweeness in her style.



Chris Hemsworth

We remain firm in our stance that a man – even if he does have one of the best chests in the world – should not have that many buttons undone when he’s wearing a suit. We do not expect much agreement on this matter, we realize. But that collapsed placket makes our eyelids twitch.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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