Laura Linney at the “Tales of the City” San Francisco Screening

Posted on April 11, 2019

Why Miss Laura. You have shocked and surprised us, dear. Maybe we’re overselling it, but this is a pretty sharp turn for her:


She doesn’t have a history of really distinguishing herself on the red carpet. Which is fine, of course. Not everyone’s a fashion-oriented person, but we always felt it was a bit of a shame that her style choices seemed so bland when she’s got the raw material to work a whole range of high-style looks. This isn’t some sort of stunning game-changer or anything, but that’s kind of the point here. It’s a good dress that looks great on her. She doesn’t need to go over-the-top or super-trendy in order to make an impression on the red carpet. Just some strong colors, a style that suits and fits her, and maybe a little bit of pattern or color-blocking to give it all some visual interest. She looks great. In fact, we had to go make a date check just to be sure: Girlfriend has clearly been eating right and moisturizing.






That looks like it’s going to make us cry. Also: BOB THE DRAG QUEEN! One thing that confuses us about this: You don’t see it much in this trailer but production stills indicate that this is set in the present day, which … doesn’t that shave a lot of years off the main characters? The OG series was set in the late seventies. If people are walking around this one with iPhones, shouldn’t Laura Linney be at least 10 years older?


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Netflix via]

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