“Dumbo” Star Eva Green for ES Magazine

Posted on April 01, 2019

“Dumbo” star Eva Green covers the latest issue of Evening Standard magazine photographed by Nick Hudson and styled by Nicky Yates.




For years hating when people said she was beautiful, wanting to be taken seriously as an actress, but now admitting she fears the advance of age: “There is always that insecurity. You depend on the desire of people. I read interviews with women going [smug voice], ‘Oh, I’m soooo confident now I am in my 30s or in my 40s, I have found myself.’ Well, actually, pfft, it is difficult for an actor, or for any woman, ageing. You think, my God, will people still like me? I’ll be in my 40s soon but I always feel like I am 15.”

On being one of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged victims: “He was like a god. He could make you, destroy you. You think, maybe something will change — I could win an Oscar! So the first time you meet him you feel privileged. But what happened [to him] is a miracle. There is justice. But you know, there are assholes everywhere, in every field.”

On her decision to move to London: “I wanted to be my own person and go to another country. I loved London — I studied there [at Webber Douglas drama academy] before I moved there — and I bought a little flat in Primrose Hill, my agent looked after me and I began to make friends. I can’t say Paris is ugly but it lacks trees and London has that village feel. People are less judgemental in London and I love the British sense of humour.”


Style Credits:
Cover and Images: Valentino Yellow Strapless Gown with Bow Detail from the Spring 2019 Couture Collection

Hair: Adir Abergel
Makeup: Kate Lee

[Photo Credit: Nick Hudson/ES Magazine, vogue.com]

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