Diane Kruger in Michael Kors Collection at the Whitney Gala: IN or OUT?

Posted on April 10, 2019


Miss Diane tries out a new spin on the lady tux trend and we are just dying to know…





Are the gorilla arms a dealbreaker for you?

Because most of this works for us. The the beaded lapels are fun and we like the idea of taking the formality down several notches by deploying shorts and tying the blouse. It could all work really well in a sort of sexy disco-fabulous kind of way. And we have to admit, it definitely works better with the sheer hose worn by the runway model, although we don’t expect a ton of agreement on that one. But of course, the only true question here centers around the existence of those sleeves. We tend to come down on the side that says that they should NOT exist, but we’re not ready to see they ruin the outfit completely. Because we’re waiting for you to say it first, of course.

Diane Kruger’s Disco Gorilla Tux:

IN or OUT? 






Style Credits:
– Michael Kors Black Crystal-embroidered Double-crepe-sablé Blazer with Feather-embroidered Sleeves, a White Silk-Georgette Blouse and Black Double-crepe-sablé Shorts, all from the Fall 2019 Collection
– Michael Kors Collection Silver Pearl Snakeskin Clutch

[Photo Credit: Getty Images for Michael Kors, vogue.com]

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