“Costuming the Crown” Exhibit – Part 1

Posted on April 08, 2019

Darlings, to kick your week off, here’s a massive visual treat for you – if you’re the kind of person who loves Netflix’s series on the life of Queen Elizabeth, The Crown. Or if you’re the kind of person who just loves looking at beautiful, incredibly well-made clothing. Winterthur Museum in Delaware has a vast selection of the costumes designed for the series by Michele Clapton and Jane Petrie as part of their “Costuming the Crown” Exhibit and we, being the types who love costumes and also wrote about ten thousand words on these particular costumes, hightailed it out there to get a gander and came away with as many gorgeous pictures and close-up detail shots as we could pack into our little cameras.

Lorenzo, ever the completist, matched the costumes to the scenes from the show so you can see them “in action” and in meticulous detail. We won’t ruin this with more words – and as we said, you can read plenty of our thoughts on the costumes here – so ring for tea and enjoy, darlings!






[Photo Credit: Tom and Lorenzo, Netflix]

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