Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artist Dinner Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on April 30, 2019

Darlings, it’s a Chanel dinner AND a Tribeca Film Festival dinner! Just imagine all the cheek-sucking involved!




Alexander Skarsgård

While the posing, color story and overall style fairly scream “JC Penney catalogue circa 1970,” we have to give it to him. He’s … well, he’s not technically pulling it off so much as he’s not letting it completely overwhelm him. Still. There’s a marigold yellow turtleneck in our line of sight right now and we’re not sure we can ever forgive him for that.



Angela Bassett

Lady, there’s entirely too much going on here. Are we looking at a sheer dotted top with a gigantic bow? Are we looking at thigh-high satin boots over leggings? Are we looking at a bra and a far too-tight jacket? The answers are all yes but they should all be no, dear.



Angela Sarafyan

Cute shoes, great earrings and an on-point bag, but that’s an awfully generic dress for a Chanel dinner. Still, good styling counts for a lot.



Cara Delevingne

We see nothing wrong with any of this. Looks pretty great, in fact.



Chloë Sevigny

Miss Chloe, we love you and your wacky fashion ways, but this is all kinds of hideous. That garter-ruffled hem is a crime against humanity. And while we have no problem with the chunky low heel, square-toed early ’70s style slingback making a return, this could not be a less appropriate ensemble to pair them with if you tried. The hair bow is tragic.



Debra Messing

Everything from the knees up is chic and stylish and perfectly suited to her. Those shoes are way too heavy and borderline unflattering.



Diane Kruger

We’re not generally anti-leggings, but there are entirely too many of them at this Chanel dinner. That they’re apparently Chanel leggings is beside the point, dammit. The jacket’s a bit mumsy-looking and the chain belt doesn’t go with it at all.



Katie Holmes

This all works really well, down to the cropped leather pants and blue manicure. She needs a little more edge and sass to her style. The constant Zac Posen looks aren’t cutting it.



Zoey Deutch

Kudos on the killer makeup job, but “sexy tweed” is a weird thing. You can’t take a classic Chanel suit, add some belly skin and thigh skin, and expect it to work. It just looks odd.



Zosia Mamet

She completely lost us with the platforms. What a sad trombone note of a choice.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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