Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Attend The Commonwealth Service at Canada House in Erdem

Posted on March 11, 2019

It’s Monday morning and we have just enough coffee in us to indulge gleefully in our delusions, darlings. After giving the Duchess several sternly worded opinions on her predilection for avoiding any clothing that might hint at being either maternity wear or large enough for her to move around in comfortably, Duchess Megs has taken our words to heart and altered course.




AttaDuchess. Look at you! All comfortable and confident! We try to avoid bringing up her constant belly-touching because it gets a little too close to policing her every move, but from a picture-taking perspective (and literally everything she wears in public needs to start from that perspective), it seemed to us that she was constantly cupping and touching herself because she was wearing such tight, restrictive and ill-fitting clothing all the time. In other words, she wore clothing that made her hyper-aware of her own silhouette with every move. The pictures for this event show a marked reduction in that one bit of nervous business and we suggest it’s because she’s well-covered in an ensemble that allows her a little more freedom of movement and comfort.

This looks pretty amazing on her. It’s a bit of an eyebrow-raise that she’s wearing something that walked a runway just last month. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but we don’t think we’d have expected any very pregnant member of the royal family to be that much on trend. Still, the color is a HUGELY welcome sight; almost as much as seeing her looking comfortable in something that fits her well.

Megs, let us know if you need any more advice/encouragement/opinions from us. We’re here for you, dear.


Style File:
– Erdem Green Embellished Coat from the Fall 2019 Collection
– Kismet by Milka Dangle Full Circles Bracelet
– Birks Yellow Gold and Opal Earrings
– Givenchy Clutch with Jewelry Clasp (
– Aquazzura ‘Deneuve’ Pump

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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