“Captain Marvel” Star Gemma Chan for British Glamour Magazine

Posted on March 25, 2019

“Captain Marvel” Star Gemma Chan covers the March 2019 digital issue of British Glamour Magazine photographed by Lucas Suchorab and styled by Rebecca Corbin-Murray.


On sexism: “I retweeted an article the other day about the winners of the Grammy Awards and it listed all the ages of the female nominees but it didn’t mention the men’s ages,” she says. “That’s everyday sexism.”

On her determination: “That’s why it’s so important for a film Crazy Rich Asians to come out and challenge and subvert people’s ideas of what Asian people are like or perhaps what women are capable of. I think we need to constantly challenge those norms, those received ideas and stereotypes about what different people can do, what different abilities can do, right down to disabilities, social economic classes and so on. I think we need to challenge prejudice as a whole.”

On feminism needing men to get behind the cause: “It always really heartens me when a man does speak out not to just defend women, but to make it clear they are an ally,” she says. “It is so important. We can’t do it without allies to the cause. As much as we ask, ‘How can we solve violence against women?’, the majority of violence is perpetuated by men. We need to be talking to boys and men about that and men need to be talking to their peers and to the younger generation and educating them about challenging ideas about toxic masculinity. We can’t do it without bringing men along for the ride.”




Style Credits:
Cover and First Image: Louis Vuitton Dress and Trainers from the Spring 2019 Collection | Sabine Getty Earrings
Second Image: Christopher Kane Shirt and Skirt from the Spring 2019 Collection | Venyx Earrings
Third Image: Jacket, Dress, Belt and Trainers from the Spring 2019 Collection | Noor Fares Earrings

[Photo Credit: Lucas Suchorab/British Glamour Magazine, vogue.com]

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