Oscars 2019: Olivia Colman Serves Up an Upset and a Highly Unusual Prada

Posted on February 25, 2019

Well, we never could’ve predicted that one. Not her win, which wasn’t as out of left-field as it may have seemed in the moment, given the awards she’s racked up leading to the Oscars. No, we mean we never could have predicted, even after careful examination and rumination, that Miss Olivia would show up wearing this:



Then again, we’re not sure we could have predicted ANYONE would wear this. It’s just a little off-the-beaten-path of expectations for the Oscars. It’s also a very unexpected design coming from Prada, which  is usually a bit more twee and light than this. Granted, she’s sporting a gigantic back bow, but that’s not so much twee as it is dramatically goofy. The dress is really great for her – in shape, style and color. But it’s impossible to look at that wrap and not conclude someone grabbed a bolt of fabric at the last second and tied her up in it. We realize that’s not likely at all, but the design sure makes it look so. We love the combination of fabrics, but the organza wasn’t utilized well at all.

In other news, we’re thrilled for her despite our disappointment for Glenn. Her performance was amazing and her speech was one of the most charming of all time.




Style Credits:
– Custom Prada Emerald Gown with Charcoal Beaded Floor-length Wrap
– Chopard Jewelry

Styled by Mary Fellowes | Hair by Marcus Francis | Makeup by Sarah Uslan

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Chopard]

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