Oscars 2019 Countdown: Olivia Colman-ology

Posted on February 22, 2019

Miss Olivia’s far too busy an actress to play the fashion game, which works out well for her because judging by her attempts so far, she’s not really all that into fashion. Still, we feel like she’s in need of some strong guidance on these matters. Whoever’s styling her seems to let her make too many really bad or unflattering choices.



Olivia Colman in Antonio Berardi at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Awards

The suit’s not bad, but the fit is off and virtually every other aspect of the look is awkward or dull. This is generally her issue when it comes to the red carpet. She doesn’t go for dramatically photogenic looks.



Olivia Colman in The Hermes of India: Varana at the AFI Awards

In fact, given her color and textile choices (muddy and shiny, respectively), we don’t think she gives a moment’s thought to how picture-worthy her red carpet looks are.




Olivia Colman in Akris at the AACTA International Awards

This is a mistake, of course. The whole point to the red carpet is to be photographed in order to promote yourself or your project. Dressing for the picture is the number one part of the job and it’s not something she seems to see or understand. Either she doesn’t use a stylist or she uses one who doesn’t take a firmer hand.



Olivia Colman in Emilia Wickstead at the BAFTA Awards

Having said that, the last two entries on this very short list show a bit of growth and advancement. We don’t like the side train, but this is clearly a photogenic look and it doesn’t have the problem of a satin finish or a drab color. It suits her while being just right for the venue.



Olivia Colman in Stella McCartney at the Golden Globe Awards

And while we don’t love either of her latter choices – this one especially – we have to admit the sudden switch toward more high-end and dramatic fare has us a little hopeful that she’ll turn it out on Sunday night in something boldly surprising. It’s too late for advice, but if she’d asked us, we’d have told her to go for a bold red or a shimmering metallic in a shape and style that keeps her comfortable and confident. She needs color and sparkle in her fashion.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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