Ellen Page at Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” Premiere

Posted on February 14, 2019

Miss Ellen unveiled her new show with an old look.



There was a time when we had to be convinced on male-style suiting on women (as opposed to suiting cut specifically for women, allowing for standardized bust, hip and waist ratios). But ideas about gender presentation have changed rapidly in the last decade and we realize now that any forms of non-binary presentation through fashion need to be taken on their own merits rather than filtered through our expectations. We don’t have any issue with this look on the merits except she’s worn it so many times before. By all means, avoid the traps of femininity opposed on womenswear if you want. We’re not asking for a nipped waist or a pink pantsuit here. But we’d be saying the same thing to a guy who only stepped out in black suits, black boots and a black shirt. There are other options. How about something tweedy or something a little less formal? How about a vest or a duster? We’re just saying. Miss Woman’s here all dressed up and in makeup. This isn’t an anti-fashion stance on her part because of it was, she’d put a lot less effort in than this. We just think the Johnny Cash look always has diminishing returns for anyone who isn’t Johnny Cash.

Still, we can’t be mad at her because she has been doing the damn work of calling folks out lately (Jussie Smollett’s attackers and Chris Pratt’s anti-LGBT church) and we love watching how she’s discovering the power of her own queer voice in real time.




Unforch, we caught the first three episodes of this and had the most negative reaction to a TV show since Emma Stone and Jonah Hill did that dumb Maniac thing. Tom’s a big ol’ comics nerd and he didn’t find anything to recommend continuing past that point. It’s a show that’s convinced itself its clever without actually doing anything clever on screen or in the writing.


Style Credits:

Styled by Samantha McMillen | Hair by John D | Makeup by Toby Fleischman

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Netflix via YouTube.com]

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