“Captain Marvel” Star Brie Larson for British Marie Claire Magazine

Posted on February 12, 2019

“Captain Marvel” star Brie Larson covers the March 2019 issue of British Marie Claire magazine photographed by Olivia Malone and styled by Jayne Pickering.




On finding promoting Room quite overwhelming: “I’ve never craved the spotlight that often comes along with success in this business. It’s a by-product of the profession and a sign of the times. But any uncomfortableness I feel is balanced by the knowledge that it gives me the ability to advocate for myself and others.”

On what it means for young girls and people who identify as female to see this woman [her character Carol Danvers] not needing to be saved, but to do the saving and be the strong person in the face of so much adversity: “It’s just the beginning. Captain Marvel will not be the answer to all of these things. It’s about breaking it open to say, ‘Here’s another way; here’s something to look at to then continue the conversation further.’ For me, just the act of accepting the role and the process of getting physically strong [Larson worked out for four and a half hours every day for three months] changed me so much and made me stronger mentally. Hopefully, that will remind others, whatever journey they’re on, of their inner strength.”


[Photo Credit: Olivia Malone/British Marie Claire Magazine]

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