Versace Fashion Show Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on December 03, 2018

Kim, Kanye and Lupita may have soaked up a bit more of the spotlight than the others, but the front row of the Versace New York show was an appropriately star-studded lineup in appropriately tacky or questionable attire. It’s Versace, darlings. You just have to go with these things sometimes.

This does not preclude us all from engaging in a rigorous round of judging, however.



Blake Lively

We’re going to take the charitable approach and argue that if you absolutely must fulfill your desire to wear the patented “My dress got caught in a thresher” dress, then you might as well do it at a Versace show, where such things are to be expected if not lauded. The dress is not great at all, but we find ourselves more put out by the gold pumps, which come off clashy.



La La Anthony

Works for us. No, really. If you’re going to wear the big tacky Versace boots – And again, where else would you but here? – might as well pick a simple dress that doesn’t interfere with the view. Granted, it looks a little drafty, but we suppose those boots’ll make anyone overheat a little.



Mary J. Blige

We’re bowing down to a fierce warrior diva. The only thing missing from this outfit is a bigass sword.




Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger

All we can think is how awful it would be to be stuck on an elevator with them. Is that awful? Hey, clothes send a message to the world and these looks say “We’re insufferable” loud and clear.



Paris Jackson

The only one in this lineup who can really pull off this particular brand of Versace cray. It’s not a coincidence that she’s also the youngest by far. These clothes work for teenagers and just post-teenagers. Everyone else struggles with them.



Tracee Ellis Ross

CASE IN POINT. We love you lady, but that is so not your dress.



Uma Thurman

Kudos to her. What an extremely well-chosen look that takes a great picture but leaves her completely comfortable and looking stylish. The coat has a great color and shape and the shoes make a fantastic complement to it.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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