Style File: Rita Ora Looks a Little Puffy

Posted on December 20, 2018

Celebrity style pickins have predictably ground to a halt this week and we suppose we should pay Rita Ora a little respect, because she saw that opening and dove right through it. It’s a savvy star who knows when best to make her attention-seeking moves. She did it the way she normally does; by sporting some fairly outrageous and photogenic fashion. Again: she’s got our respect here. But we think she made a rookie mistake by returning to the same well too often and too quickly. We feel a new T Lo Style Dictum coming on, so stand back:

You can’t go puffy twice in the same week.



Rita Ora in Moncler and Palm Angels

She looks like a beetle in a dress.

The issue here is not that she wore puffy jackets twice in the same week. We’d wager plenty of cold-weather clime kittens reading this have done the same thing. This issue is that she wore such goofy and bizarre puffies. This one has a really interesting design, but the style choices are all kind of awful for it. The last thing this jacket needs is a color-blocked piece underneath it. You may be shocked to hear us suggest this, but a solid-color turtleneck – sweater or dress – would have set this off so much better than that overdone frock.



Rita Ora in Fendi

This, on the other hand, is sublime. She didn’t deviate much from the runway styling but in this case, we’d argue that was the correct way to go. These items are so specific and seem to work only in tandem. Is it vaguely silly, just like the beetle puffer above? Sure, but there’s a chicness to it that really appeals. We wish she’d only worn this one so it wouldn’t suffer from any comparisons. Don’t get yourself in a puffy rut, Miss Rita.



Style Credits:
First Look: Moncler 6 Noir Kei Ninomiya Puffer Jacket from the Fall 2018 Collection | Palm Angels Dress from the Fall 2018 Collection
Second Look: Fendi Ensemble from the Fall 2018 Collection

Styled by Jason Rembert

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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