Pop Style Opinionfest: T Lo’s Holiday Spectacular!

Posted on December 21, 2018

Darlings, we got all Christmassy on your asses for this one!

Not really, but it makes for a nice hook. We DO go all-in on the Schitt’s Creek Holiday Special, which was great fun.





And we also use the opportunity to gush a little about the show in general and why you should watch it (but be patient in the beginning).  Also: we do wind up bickering a little about fruitcake, which is a very T Lo thing to do, but also concludes any Christmassy discussions. Then it’s on to movies and fashion, with nary a jingle bell in sight. First, Lorenzo gets us all up to speed on the latest big scandals in the world of style, from Prada’s outrageous tone-deafness to Megan Mulally’s shameful lack of options for hosting the SAG Awards because she’s not a 25-year-old size 2. But once we’re finished yelling at fashion (which we seem to do more and more lately), then it’s on to a little bit of gushing over Michelle Obama’s Balenciaga bomb yesterday. We still think it’s one of the worst thing she’s ever worn, but we ALSO think it’s one of the best in terms of the message sent.

And while we did offer you a review of Aquaman this week, Tom thought Lorenzo deserved a little mic time just to vent about watching a nerd film on a nerd preview night when the theater is packed with nerds laughing at obscure references and explaining minute details of trivia and continuity to their patient girlfriends.


Lo damn near lost it in the theater, but T was able to talk him down off the ledge and enjoy the big dumb film for what it is. We were not in a hundred percent agreement on Destroyer:




While Tom has some issues with the basicness of the filmmaking and the boxed-in feeling of the storytelling, we’re both in agreement that the whole reason to see the film is to allow it to serve as a showcase for Kidman’s stunning performance. She is damn near unrecognizable in this film. Also: Tatiana Maslany plays a crazy bitch and she’s hilarious in it.





And finally, we offer a tiny bit of an explanation as to why we might have come off a bit distracted in recent weeks as well as a laying-out of our publishing plans over the holidays. You can expect a reading list later today and a Drag Race recap tomorrow morning. On Wednesday, we start counting down our picks for the best and worst red carpetry of 2018 and we’ll also be serving up some delicious deep dives on notable movie costumes of the past year. Much to come, kittens! But in the meantime, have a fabulous, safe and healthy holiday season and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support. LUV YA!


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