“Crazy Rich Asians” Star Awkwafina for Porter Magazine

Posted on December 18, 2018

“Crazy Rich Asians” star Awkwafina covers the latest issue of Porter Magazine photographed by Carlota Guerrero and styled by Tracy Taylor.



On pinning her performer personality to the death of her mother when she was four: “I really do, looking back now, attribute whatever comedic sensibility I have to that traumatic event. I think I developed and used humor very early as a defense mechanism, to make people around me feel joy instead of sorrow. That was when I started to perform.”

On never accepting a role if it required a stereotyped accent: “I would never. You have a responsibility. It’s funny, because if you go to a white dude and ask, ‘Do you have a responsibility to other white dudes?’, it’s just not a question for them. For me, I have a responsibility to my community to represent them because there are so [few] of us. For years before Crazy Rich Asians and all this, there were Asian American actors, working actors, who had no choice about what they could take. So when you say no, that in itself is a privilege.”

On feeling ‘other’ in her home country: “I think growing up, [Asian Americans] always wonder, ‘what am I?’‘Asian American’ is such a wide umbrella of so many different countries – the only thing we all have in common is discrimination. Every single one of us has seen the slanty eyes in elementary school; everyone has been called, you know, some racial epithet by some car-driving guy. We’ve all experienced it and we’re all made to feel less American.”


Style Credits:
Cover: Jacket and Pants by Altuzarra 
First Image: Coat by Sonia Rykiel | Dress by Orseund Iris
Second Image: Dress by Gabriela Hearst | Sandals by Christian Louboutin

Hair: Marcus Francis
Makeup: Rachel Goodwin

[Photo Credit: Carlota Guerrero/Porter Magazine]

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