The New “Aquaman” Posters Are Bold, Colorful Fun

Posted on November 08, 2018

Because looking at hot people in amazing costumes is never a bad way to spend a few minutes, we’ve found.

We have no idea if the film’s going to be any good (although we thought the trailer looked pretty promising, in a goofy sort of way), but it seems like a lock at this point that it’s going to be an eye-popping experience, if nothing else. Some of these images look like someone took a bunch of neon highlighters to a Tolkien coloring book. And honestly, if that’s not a selling point, then we don’t know what possibly could be.


BOW DOWN TO QUEEN NICOLE. She excitedly talked about this costume last year during filming and it lived up to her description. She looks pretty amazing. As for the Aquaman armor – because spandex is an absolute no in modern superhero movies – it’s pretty silly but also pretty eye-catching. The rest of the Atlantean armor designs looks a little interchangeable, but that Black Manta costume is truly impressive, translating an inherently goofy-looking character exactly from the comic book page and having it come off kind of cool. Also goofy. Yes, we’ve used that word a lot in this post. We don’t think that’s totally surprising, all things considered.


[Photo Credit: Warner Bros.]

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