Lorenzo’s picks for … SWEATER WEATHER!

Posted on November 05, 2018

Kittens, with the tricking and the treating out of the way and the turkeying and holidaying coming up on the horizon, we’re feeling all cozy and mug-cradling; all pumpkin spiced and crunchy leaves. In other words, it’s sweater-wearing time. And while we’re not so egotistical as to think anyone truly needs our expert guidance in buying a sweater for herself, Lo just loves this time of year (if he could wear sweaters year round, he would); almost as much as he loves fashion and shopping, It just made good sense to set him loose in the retailers of the world with the task of snagging the kittens 99 good, solid knitwear options for the season. And thus it came to pass…


Lo ran the gamut, from the traditionally cozy to the streamlined minimalist to the freshly on trend, there’s a sweater for every lady, including those who live in places where it doesn’t exactly get frosty this time of year but still want to get their pumpkin spice on. We’ve found that sweaters are a lot like jeans and bathing suits. You can’t really tell a person which ones they’re supposed to love or which ones will love them back. Savvy shoppers know which elements work for them, which is why there’s such a range here. Personally, Lo will always love the boldly patterned and brightly colored stuff, but he’s also a big fan of conservatively traditional sweaters like a good chunky cable knit or a well-draped cardigan. Bottom line: Lo loves to shop and he loved these sweaters. Which ones look like they belong on you?



Standard disclaimer: All of the above are clickable links that will take you to online retailers who give us a commission based on any sales we send their way, because we find money to be somewhat useful in our day-to-day lives. Please note that the sale runs for these items can be brief and some of the links may either take you to an item that’s no longer available or no longer available at the sales price. You gotta be quick, kittens!

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