Matt Smith and Naomi Campbell at Burberry’s Holiday Campaign Event in New York

Posted on November 21, 2018

Matt and Naomi took a boat over the pond just to wish you all a very posh Christmas, darlings. Wasn’t that sweet of them? Let’s judge them anyway.


The hell? That is just about the saddest damn holiday backdrop we’ve ever seen. Why do they look like they ducked behind some trees to vape and just got caught? Why are they wedged in a corner like they’re trying to get away from us? Nothing says the joy of the season like undecorated fake trees, are we right? And of course nothing makes a person want to get out there and spend some holiday dollars like the sight of empty shelves. Why does this whole setup feel like it was done in 15 minutes at like 3 in the morning?



Love the shoes. It’s a fine suit, but we miss when he was traipsing around in hipster wear. Surely he could have snagged something from Burberry with just a little more youth and style to it than this. We get that he’s gone all Serious Prestige Actor but that doesn’t mean he has to dress like an accountant. Take a page from Leanin’ Eddie Redmayne’s book, we say.


She is ageless and unceasingly spectacular but that thing is hideous.




[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Burberry/Juno Calypso]

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