“Mary Queen of Scots” Star Margot Robbie Has Skin in the Game at the Nissan Futures Event

Posted on November 29, 2018

Awards season is a time of year when plenty of A-listers get the opportunity to fatten their bank accounts with some juicy corporate cash if they’re willing to pose with a watch or a credit card or a car. And as we always say in these instances, there’s no shame in getting your dollar bills when you can. Go ahead and do that The Price is Right-style modeling gig, girl. We’d never judge you for it. Just one thing, though:

Maybe don’t show up to these events looking like you skinned someone and made an outfit out of them? Pretty sure we’d hate this getup in any color of leather, but this particular color makes the whole thing vaguely nauseating.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images for Nissan]

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