Carrie Underwood Plays it Safe in Uel Camilo at the 2018 CMA Awards

Posted on November 15, 2018

And now, that thing we positively LIVE for: CRITICIZING THE CHOICES OF PREGNANT WOMEN, DARLINGS! It’s why we became bloggers in the first place! We’re practically swooning with excitement, like a couple of bitchy kids on Christmas morning!

Oh, we’re teasing. It’s true, we’re not feeling this look at all:


It’s very beige and very pastel; very simple in design and very fitted. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of dress that inspired us to dub her Country Barbie in the first place. She had a long history of wearing fairly featureless but nonetheless delicately feminine dresses through most of her red carpet career. She’d gotten away from them in recent years, prompting us to praise her for opening up her style a little. This is a return to form for her. But here’s the part where we’re not total whores about it: That’s absolutely fine with us.

Look, any woman hitting a high-profile red carpet while pregnant should be given some leeway for playing it safe. This looks to us like someone falling back on a style she’s always found reliable. It’s not to our tastes, but then again, we’re not exactly the prime demographic for the CMAs. She’s doing alright for herself.



Style Credits:
Custom Uel Camilo Embroidered Floral Gown
Anabela Chan Jewelry

Styled by Marina Toybina

[Photo Credit: ABC]

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