Cardi B at the Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collaboration Launch Event, Not Understanding the Optics

Posted on November 15, 2018

Miss Cardi, allow us to be far from the first to congratulate on the launch of your collection, which has some fine, fun and fashionable pieces in it. It’s one of the better celebrity fashion collaborations we’ve seen of late. Allow us also to note that you are doing an utterly terrible job of promoting it yourself. This is not the way to show the wares, dear:


We usually tell stars to stay away from runway or look book styling, but since she’s modeling her own collection at its launch party, we’d think sticking to the aesthetic that was literally named after you would be the smart PR choice. The suit is really cute. The bustier looks terrible with it, regardless of whether it fits her correctly (it does not). It’s just such a weird way to go because it completely changes the look of the ensemble in a way that feels totally at odds with the style of the collection. We can’t think of a more obvious way to declare that the collection bearing your name doesn’t really reflect your style.


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Fashion Nova X Cardi B Black and White ‘Check The Resume’ Tweed Matching Ensemble

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