2018 Glamour Women of the Year Awards Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 13, 2018

Kittens, a whole bunch of famous and glamorous gals came out to celebrate Glamour mag’s Women of the Year. Huzzah, we say! Good for them. Sisterhood is powerful and all that. But let’s face it: we’re here to talk fashion, like the shallow folk we are. Come with us, on a shallow journey of non-discovery, won’t you?



Amber Heard in Oscar de la Renta

We can’t with the fringe. Regardless of any other charms this dress might possess, the hellacious fringe is all we see. And the black shoes, which only work with white dresses about half the time it’s tried, we’d wager.



Andie McDowell in Elie Saab

We wanted to like it for its boldness but … no. The appliques or whatever they are look like they were cut out of wallpaper and the bodice is so insanely overdesigned that we start getting twitchy just looking at it for more than a minute. Don’t even get us started on the sheer skirt/spanx sitch.


Ashley Graham in Christian Siriano

Another one we’re trying really hard to like but can’t. This trend of just hanging yards of fabric off basic tops or jumpsuits is really starting to feel played out. And that neon chartreuse is asking a lot of us.


Chrissy Teigen in Solace London

Simple, but fairly elegant. We think the shoes are a little off as a choice and we wish the hem was a bit longer, but she looks great from the waist up.

Elizabeth Debicki in Monse

The sequined twist-thing comes off like a last-second attempt to jazz up a really basic jumpsuit. Tsk. We’re disappointed, Miss.


Indya Moore

We love the style but we really hate the textiles. And we question whether it’s well fitted or sewn. That bodice looks tacked together.



Kat Graham in Christian Siriano

Ruffles are such a Siriano thing that we can’t really work up a complaint about their overuse here. The bold red is a good choice. Not enough to make us love this but enough to keep us from hating it.


Lili Reinhart in Markarian

Super-basic but she looks fantastic in it. The styling is appropriately simple and classic. Having said that, we don’t love the earrings and she could’ve used a pedi with a dress like this.


Mj Rodriguez

Fierce as shit. Suddenly everyone’s wearing gold sandals this week. We’ll be sick of it by Christmas, but right now it’s a welcome trend.


Viola Davis

Can’t say we love the lip color, but the rest of this look works great for us, combining a kick-ass feel with some unexpected sexiness.


Zosia Mamet

No, sweetie. You look like you’re wearing a giant skin suit.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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