Variety’s “Power of Women” Issue

Posted on October 15, 2018

Emma González

“To each of you powerful women I say this, you know that you are forces to be reckoned with, you can and have inspired peace and understanding and, most importantly, right now you can inspire your audience to vote. Now more than ever women need to continue to rise up.”



Lena Waithe

“Stop giving a s— what other people think of you. We make decisions too often based on that,” Waithe says. “When we start to live for ourselves, and be a little bit more selfish, I think we’ll lead more fulfilling lives. So I think what we need to do, is stare at ourselves in the mirror a little bit longer, and really own who we are and not try to be what we think others want us to be.”




Natalie Portman

“The next generation of women should definitely spend time together,” Portman says. “It’s only something we’ve recently started doing as women in this industry and it has completely changed everything, and it’s such a different feeling to walk into a room and have a bunch of friends in that room and to be able to prop each other up.”




Regina King

“There is an all-inclusive sisterhood that’s happening right now. Women are supporting, loving, and protecting each other outwardly on a grand scale,” she said. “It’s a beautiful thing, and it makes my heart smile. And that is powerful.”




Tiffany Haddish

“Who inspired me when I was coming through, breaking through into the industry? Me, honey,” Haddish says. “I inspired me. I woke up every morning and told me that I could do it. ‘You can do it Tiffany, get your ass up. Call the comedy club, go down and stand in line at the comedy club, Tiffany.’ Yeah that was me.’”




[Photo Credit: Variety]

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