Tilda Swinton Course-Corrects (Maybe) in Maison Margiela at the “Suspiria” UK Premiere

Posted on October 17, 2018

And now, an audience with the Pope.



The Pontifex has opted for a more literal form of androgyny than normal. It’s rare to see her in something so many other women have worn on red carpets recently: a relatively plain black pantsuit. We don’t mind the somewhat standard style, especially since she’s working a great mani/pedi, lip color, and pair of platforms to support it. And the ear-things are just so very Pope Tilda-correct. But our guild membership in the League of Fashion Bitches compels us to reveal that we really don’t like the cut of the jacket. The oversized runway version would have been so much better and more dramatic. We wonder if this wasn’t rapidly altered (it sure looks like it) because Gaga got to the Big Suit look first. That would be a terrible shame, because Pope Tilda I should never even consider altering her fashion choices in response to someone else’s.



Style Credits:
– Maison Margiela Bias-cut Suit in Black Satin-back Crepe and Dipped in Silicone Platform Shoes from the Spring 2019 Collection
– Delfina Delettrez Jewelry

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, vogue.com]

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