Style File: Nicole Kidman Shows The Trick to Fool-Proof Style in Ralph Lauren and Armani Privé

Posted on October 15, 2018

We’ve long railed against the idea that anybody’s wardrobe and style needs can be summed up by applying broad, across-the-board ideas about the correct way to live one’s life. In other words, any list of items that “Every woman needs to own” is a list that pretends some New York fashion editorial staffer’s experiences make the perfect template for everyone else to live by. That is to say, it’s usually a list centered around an urban, office-based lifestyle – when it’s not based around an upscale suburban life of leisure, that is.

But if you pressed us on the one area of style we know best – celebrity promotional style – then we think most working actresses would do well to find themselves one Good Dress and one Killer Suit and then just replicate the look over and over again when she can. Nic? Come show these fine folks what we mean.



Nicole Kidman at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences New Members Reception in Ralph Lauren

That is a Good Dress for her. The definition of a Good Dress is something basic, that can be endlessly recast and restyled and always looks great on you. The color, silhouette, and details like the pleating and sheers are all very friendly to her and can be relied upon to make her look great. Once you find your Good Dress, you just list the attributes that work best and then spend the rest of your life making sure at least one dress in your wardrobe rotation has at least a few of the items on the list.

Having said that, we don’t like the pleating at the waist and don’t think the paler blue shoe quite works.

And now, something we don’t see Nic work often enough: the Killer Suit.


Nicole Kidman at the “Destroyer” European Premiere in Armani Privé


If we were to break this down for her, we’d note the squared off shoulder, dark color suit/boldly contrasting bright color shirt combination, body-hugging fit and ankle-length hem. These are the elements that make for her Killer Suit. Put more vehemently, these elements are almost impossible for her to get wrong, just as the elements in her Good Dress will never let her down.




Style Credits:
First Look: Ralph Lauren Dress from the Resort 2019 Collection
Second Look: Armani Privé Pink Shirt and Suit | Berganza Jewelery

Styled by Julia von Boehm | Makeup by Lisa Eldridge | Hair by Kerry Warn

[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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