Pop Style Opinionfest: Tea With Gaga

Posted on October 05, 2018

This week, it’s MOOVEE TAWK with your two favorite opinionated queens, darlings. You might be surprised that we’re turning over half the podcast to a discussion of A Star is Born since we just posted a review of it yesterday, but there’s a little behind-the-blogging-scenes drama behind why, the upshot of which is: Lo saw it a day after T wrote the review and came home with a decidedly different take on the film. This gives us an opportunity to open the discussion up a bit, bat around some of the perceived flaws or weak parts, and dive deeper into the costumes, the music and the performances. It’s as non-spoilery as a discussion of this film needs to be and it makes a pretty great supplement to our review.

But before we dive back into all THAT, we take turns gushing over Tea with the Dames:








In short, it’s very T Lo-recommended – and also on Amazon and VOD, so you can catch it tonight if you want. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to get into why we recommend this so highly, but it’s NOT because we love these gals and they’re super-charming and fun to watch. That’s a bonus, but the real meat of the film is how respectfully it portrays their insane level of talent and knowledge and how refreshingly realistic it is in how it portrays their advanced age. It’s much more than giggles and teacups; it’s four extremely accomplished artists who still have a burning desire to create art, talking about their lives, careers and choices.




So it’s T Lo Semi-Bitchy Cinema Kaffeeklatsch this week, but we think the conversations that erupt out of both of these films come to some conclusions and observations about art and choices. Dive in, darlings! And once again, thank you for all your support and time. LUVYA!



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