Pop Style Opinionfest: A Pumpkin-Spiced Pod-Pourri

Posted on October 12, 2018

Darlings, we don’t know about you, but fall is going on outside the doors and windows of stately T Lo Manor, so we snagged ourselves some pumpkin-spiced lattes, settled in, flipped on the mics and did what we always do: spewed a whole bunch of words and opinions at you in our excitable, high-strung voices. The topics this week? Why, how nice of you to ask:

Kanye’s Oval Office visit and how it was the worst thing that ever happened on earth! Or something.

Hedi Slimane ruins Celine and responds badly to his press! Lo’s got all the fashion tea.

Project Runway does as we told them to! We run down all the new judges and cast members, getting more and more excited about the possibility of an actual PR renaissance happening.

National Coming Out Day! What it all means and how you as a straight ally should respond! Also, we tell a famous person to go fuck themselves for appropriating the day for her bullshit!

First Lady Fashion! Why Michelle Obama will always be the only First Lady we cover, no matter who inhabits the role in the future.



Whew! That’s a lot! Fortunately, we keep things brisk and largely unfussed (except for that part where we tell someone to go fuck themselves) and as always, we can’t thank you kittens enough for all your support and hard work listening to us. LUVYA!


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