Olivia Munn For British Cosmopolitan Magazine

Posted on October 29, 2018

Olivia Munn covers the December 2018 issue of British Cosmopolitan magazine photographed by Rachell Smith.



On feeling surprised when the world began to hold Hollywood bullies to account: “I remember where I was when I heard that people were getting outraged about Weinstein and I thought, ‘People care? They didn’t used to care, nobody cared.”

On furiously denying Brett Ratner’s claims that he “banged her three times”: “He was doing this at a time when men were allowed to say that […] People want to think that women use their sexuality to get ahead in any business, not just Hollywood. There’s that unfair stigma. All I wanted was for him to clear my name. He muddied it and I wanted him to clear it…So I went on to Twitter and I handled it in the only way I could. It was going to be a moral victory for me in that at least I’d stood up for myself.”


[Photo Credit: Rachell Smith/British Cosmopolitan Magazine]

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